Our marketing strategy, in many respects, hinges upon the product's quality. The triumph of our product is contingent upon the user experience when interacting with Hotel of Secrets. Hence, we place paramount importance on the quality of our metaverse, striving to engineer it in such a manner that it possesses a high degree of virality, i.e., it gets recommended by users to their acquaintances and becomes a topic of discourse.

To actualize this, we adopt a laser-focused approach to gather user feedback from the early stages of development. We administer surveys and polls on social media to discern the kind of features users anticipate most eagerly.

We also discern that projects of this magnitude organically evolve - upon attaining a critical mass of users, growth materializes organically owing to the amplification in the platform's appeal as the user base expands.

To accomplish a critical mass of users, post the culmination of the beta version's development, we will orchestrate a large-scale advertising blitz. Despite the myriad of global restrictions pertaining to the advertising of adult content, we will employ all feasible advertising avenues:

  • Advertising on adult content websites;

  • Endorsements from influencers working within the adult entertainment industry (adult film actresses, sexologists, OnlyFans creators, etc.);

  • Advertising on any video platforms that permit the circulation of our themes;

  • A vibrant presence on social media - Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc.;

  • Advertising on various darknet resources.

We will assiduously monitor the performance of all advertising channels and optimize ad campaigns accordingly.

Step into Hotel of Secrets and experience the sheer power of our metaverse. With our unyielding dedication to quality and user experience, we promise you an unparalleled journey of discovery. Get ready to witness the groundbreaking fusion of technology and adult entertainment like never before. Join us now and be part of this revolutionary venture!

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