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About us

About Us
Incepted in 2015, our team has a rich history of developing mods for high-profile games such as Skyrim, GTA 4, Stalker, The Witcher, GTA 5, and Minecraft. Leveraging our vast experience in enhancing game mechanics and engine optimization, we've honed our expertise in building bridges and transferring individual locations and characters.
Our core team is an assembly of 13 diversely skilled and seasoned developers hailing from global tech hotspots like Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, India, and China, working in a primarily remote setup.
Our CEO, Konstantin, boasts years of hands-on experience in game development and orchestrates our game's development process. He is dedicated to ensuring that the game matches our high bar for quality standards.
Dmitry, our CFO, spearheads profit distribution and financial acquisition for our project while maintaining robust relationships with our investors. Under his stewardship, our team remains sanguine about the project's future trajectory.
Maxim, our Marketing Director, not only spearheads the project's promotional activities targeting investors and players but also serves as a crucial bridge between the development team and the users. He deciphers complex technical jargon from the dev team, communicating it to the users in layman's terms. Conversely, he also analyzes our target audience's needs, helping to shape the game development strategy in a manner that best caters to our players' expectations.
Our common goal and the revolutionary idea that drives this project bonds us. Collectively, we stand ready to conquer any obstacles that come our way in our challenging yet thrilling endeavor to create an avant-garde metaverse.
As a part of our ongoing efforts to expand our reach and influence, we have adopted blockchain technology and created our own cryptocurrency, HOS Coin, integrated within our platform. This token operates on the advanced DeFi (Decentralized Finance) model, providing liquidity and facilitating transactions within the game. The HOS Coin will be listed on the Pinksale launchpad, providing our users with an easy, efficient, and secure method of investing and partaking in our project's growth. With our continued commitment to innovation and excellence, we are creating a new standard in the adult metaverse.