💰Income for investors

High returns for our investors is one of our top priorities. Therefore, we have worked out 2 main directions to increase your investment:


We are pleased to announce a staking reward based on the Allocation Staking scheme. Before we get into the details, let us remind you that Allocation Staking is a method in which a certain percentage of tokens are allocated for staking and then gradually distributed among participants over a certain period of time.

In our case, we are allocating 6% of the total supply of tokens for staking, 20% of which will become available after the Token Generation Event (TGE). Then, at the end of the Cliff Period of 10 days, the tokens will be distributed among the participants. During the Vesting period (100 days), accrual will occur every 10 days in the amount of 8% of the Staking Alocation Pool. 20% after 10 days (Cliff period) + 8%*10 cycles within 100 days.

We also plan to run additional staking events and contests where participants can win additional prizes. Details of such events will be published on our website and in our official social media channels.

HOS Token growth

HOS Token is the foundation of our project, and we are strongly interested in providing stability and high returns for all our investors.

We have developed several powerful triggers for HOS Token to grow exponentially.

First, we will launch several stages of marketing campaigns to attract new investors and players to the Hotel of Secrets. Secondly, when the game starts, the HOS Token will be used for all in-game transactions, which will significantly increase its demand.

Now the token is popular among a narrow circle of investors, but when the game is launched, its demand will grow among a wide audience, including new users.

Various market experts have estimated the potential growth of HOS Token by 10000% in 2023.

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