🚀Growth potential

Upside Potential

Our cryptocurrency packs a massive growth punch, particularly post the game's launch.

At present, acquiring the coin facilitates the beta version of the game's rollout, which already piques many investors' interest. However, as the game expands and reels in more users, we're forecasting a meteoric ascent in the coin's value. The reason being, the coin will be mandatory for all in-game transactions, compelling users to buy it to unlock the game's full functionality. This will foster a high demand for the coin, inflating its price, resulting in a potential profit windfall for investors who got in on the ground floor during the pre-ICO.

In late 2022, we conducted a survey across several major metropolises in Russia, China, and Indonesia and discovered that nearly every second person is eagerly anticipating such a metaverse's launch. Leveraging these data, several independent pundits have pegged the upside potential of HOS Coin at a staggering 10000% in 2023.

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