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Privileges for investors

Perks for Investors
Every month, we'll conduct sweepstakes among HOS Coin HODLers, distributing cold, hard cash to maintain investor engagement. Following the Series B listing, we'll divvy up a whopping 20,000 USDT among the top HOS Coin whales. The fund allocation will transpire as follows:
Alpha HODLer - 10,000 USDT
Beta HODLer - 5,000 USDT
Gamma HODLer - 2,000 USDT
Delta HODLer - 1,000 USDT
Epsilon-Zeta HODLers (5th-25th place) - 100 USDT each
Stay tuned for more exciting contests on our social media platforms. Pre-ICO Incentives
For those bold enough to take the plunge during the pre-sale phase, we offer an array of perks:
VIP Access to the beta version;
Exclusive in-game skins and items, making your gameplay as unique as you;
Privileged status when participating in DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) governance, impacting the game's evolution;
The top whale will be commemorated with an in-game location named in their honor;
Refer HOS Coin to your buddies, and reap a 10% referral bonus off their investments in fiat.