How to use

How to Use: Seamless Access to a World of Pleasure

Our platform employs high-fidelity graphics, necessitating robust computational power. We've tackled this challenge by leveraging cloud-based tech, deploying the scene to remote servers. Through efficient data streaming, we facilitate game access from any device with a stable internet connection. This empowers you to join the game from any corner of the globe, bypassing wait times and texture loading.

Upon entering our platform, you link your cryptographic wallet and step into the tantalizing confines of the "Hotel of Secrets" metaverse. Here, you create your avatar and navigate through a brief tutorial.

Next, you'll choose your preferred types of intimate interactions. This information enables us to curate potential partners that align with your preferences. As you engage with the game, our AI system, Amberi, adapts to your proclivities, enhancing its ability to select suitable partners and suggest appealing actions.

You'll then spawn alongside other players, matched based on your preferences. A reward system incentivizes new player encounters, promoting proactive contact initiation. Your task is merely to select the right one.

Once you've identified a partner, you can engage in foreplay, such as flirting or discussing sexual preferences. With mutual confirmation, Amberi initiates a customizable intimate scene featuring your avatars, tailored to your preferences.

Thanks to fine-tuning and response prediction, Amberi progressively interprets your interactions, improving its understanding of your desires with each encounter.

Post-interaction, you can add your partner to your friends list, spend time together, or indulge in activities like private chats or casino games. Should the partnership not meet your expectations, you can terminate communication at any point and permanently remove them from your view.

The platform also incorporates a monetization system, detailed in other sections. Engage with the "Hotel of Secrets" today, where pleasure meets convenience in a seamless blend!

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