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Introduction and Project's Core
Welcome to Hotel Of Secrets (HOS). This innovative product targets the satisfaction of one of mankind's primal physiological needs - sexual desire. Historically, explicit materials have served as an outlet for this, as seen in prehistoric cave paintings depicting erotic scenes.
Fast forward to today, thanks to technological advancements, this has evolved into platforms like PornHub, Onlyfans, various cam services, as well as adult games. Interestingly, porn traffic, by some estimates, constitutes nearly half of the total internet traffic. It is arguable that technology didn't just facilitate pornography, but was in part propelled by it.
However, despite the contemporary tech at our disposal, the evolution of sexual gratification has merely improved image quality, diversity, and accessibility, without changing the fundamental mechanism. We still gaze at images and videos, stimulating our imagination, much like our cave-dwelling ancestors. We can identify three primary shortcomings:
  1. 1.
    We are not fulfilling our unique fantasies, but witnessing someone else's.
  2. 2.
    We remain passive observers during consumption of adult content, with no immediate influence over the narrative.
  3. 3.
    We lack any emotional connection with the performers we observe.
In conclusion, there's a colossal market built on a fundamental human need. However, the approach to addressing this need is spontaneous and fails to consider human individuality.
Thanks to modern technology, we have found a way to address these issues and are in the process of developing a revolutionary service for sexual gratification. This service will not only redefine the process of interaction but also, in turn, boost technological progress.
We have dedicated 100% of our resources to this project and have made significant strides from research to graphics rendering and developing our proprietary AI - Amberi, to expedite the launch. We are now proud to introduce our project to you for the first time.
Welcome to Hotel of Secrets, the first adult metaverse set to revolutionize your sexual satisfaction experience. We've reimagined self-gratification using cutting-edge technology, transforming you from a spectator to a participant. This platform provides an unprecedented opportunity to form an emotional connection with other real individuals, offering a unique experience of sexual gratification. You can also engage with your partner remotely or explore fantasies that are not feasible in reality.
With HOS, you enter a safe, anonymous environment, where your personal data remains undisclosed. Additionally, you are shielded from any adverse experiences associated with sexual interaction in real life or online. This is largely due to our system pairing you with partners whose sexual fantasies align with yours. You can enjoy flirtations, find suitable partners, or even create your own characters based on real people and engage in virtual intimacy without boundaries.
We have entrusted our AI, Amberi, with the control. Amberi recognizes your voice commands, creating the scene you desire, and simplifying interactions for smartphone users who make up roughly 80% of all porn traffic.
In the future, we aim to integrate casinos and other entertainment elements into the metaverse, providing more than just sexual satisfaction.
The first beta version of the game is set to launch in Q3 2023, and you can support our project by investing in the HOS Coin cryptocurrency, which will be listed on the Pinksale launchpad. Besides significant growth potential, you will also secure guaranteed beta access and other exclusive benefits. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have prepared a detailed document outlining the project specifics.
Transition from being an observer to a player.
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