Introduction and essence of the project

Welcome to Hotel Of Secrets. This product is aimed at satisfying one of the most important physiological human needs - sexual desire. To do this, there are porn materials that help our imagination, and this is as natural as possible - even in the Stone Age, people painted sex scenes in caves.

Thanks to progress, by our time it has evolved into such services as PornHub, Onlyfans, various webcam services, as well as games. By the way, the volume of porn traffic, according to various estimates, takes up slightly less than half of all traffic on the Internet, that is, in part, it was not pornography that developed thanks to technology, but, on the contrary, technology developed thanks to pornography.

But we see that despite the technologies now available, the entire evolution of sexual satisfaction has been reduced to better picture quality, variety and accessibility, but has not fundamentally changed - just like in cave times, we still look at the image, helping to imagine what what we really want. However, there are 3 main problems with this:

Firstly, we do not satisfy our purely individual fantasies, but watch the embodiment of someone else's. Secondly, at the time of watching porn, we are not a participant in the act, but an observer and cannot instantly influence what is happening. And thirdly, we almost completely lack any emotional connection with the actors that we see.

Summing up the intermediate result, we see a huge market built on a fundamental human need, but at the same time, the very way to solve the problem was created spontaneously and does not take into account the true needs of a person.

We understand how to solve all these problems thanks to the technologies available in our time, and we are creating a qualitatively new service to satisfy the sexual needs of a person, which will not only change the very process of interaction and make a revolution in obtaining sexual pleasure, but also, as a result, will accelerate the development progress and different technologies.

We have focused 100% of our resources on this project and have already done a great job from research to rendering graphics and creating our own neural network in order to release it as soon as possible. But now we can proudly, for the first time, present our project to you.

Meet the Hotel of Secrets, the first porn metaverse that will completely change the way you experience sexual satisfaction. Thanks to modern technologies, we have completely changed the approach to self-satisfaction - now you are not a spectator, but a full-fledged participant in the process with other, living people. This provides a unique opportunity to create an emotional connection with another person to get a qualitatively new experience of satisfying sexual needs. Also, you can have sex with your partner if he is at a distance, or indulge in the most forbidden desires that are not available in real life.

With Hotel of Secrets, you will enter a completely secure environment where you will be present anonymously, without providing your personal data. Also, you will be protected from any negative experience that can happen during sexual interaction with other people in life or on the Internet, largely due to the fact that at Hotel of Secrets you will meet partners whose sexual fantasies will match yours as much as possible. This approach will allow you to enjoy flirting or find yourself a partner who will suit you best. And you can also create your own characters, including based on photos of real people, and have virtual sex with them without any restrictions.

We entrusted control to Amberi - our own neural network that recognizes your voice commands and creates the scene that you want. Amberi also makes it much easier to interact with smartphones, which make up about 80% of all porn traffic.

In the future, there will also be casinos and other additional entertainment, and the metaverse will evolve and give you much more than just sexual satisfaction.

The first beta version of the game will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2023, and now you can support our project by investing in the HOS Coin cryptocurrency, which will be listed on the Pinksale launchpad. In addition to the huge growth potential, you will also receive guaranteed beta access and other perks. To make it easier for you to make a decision, we have also prepared this document, which describes in detail all the details of the project.

Become a player, not an observer.

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